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Klaudia Zwalińska is a Class 2 teacher in the British International School Gdańsk. She graduated from the University of Gdańsk with a B.A in Early Education with English and she is finishing her Master's degree in Special Education also at the University of Gdańsk. Klaudia has worked in the British International School Gdańsk since October 2013, previously as a common room (świetlica) teacher, then as a Teacher Assistant. Klaudia loves people and the world around her. She is always helpful and friendly.




Anna joined BISG team in 2017. After graduating from the University of Gdask in 2012,  she moved to London where she lived for five years. During this time, she taught ESL (English as a Second Language) in English language schools as well as she held the position of a teaching assistant in a primary school. She also has got experience teaching EAL (English as Additional Language) in both primary school and Gimnazjum in Poland. She loves reading books, travelling and cooking. 







Krystyna earned her master’s degree in 2010. She completed her PGCE at the University of Hertfordshire in England in 2016. Krystyna’s interests in teaching in international environment initially arose out of her time studying in Spain within the Erasmus Programme. She has worked in primary schools in both London and Hertfordshire. Krystyna believes in making classroom an enjoyable environment for children to explore and investigate the subjects they are learning, allowing them to shine and achieve their full potential. She was a Beaver Scout Leader in Hertford and she would love to share her love of scouting with BISG.




Dorota has worked as an English teacher in several preschool and language schools in Tri-City. She has always wanted to teach young children as they are eager to learn and excited about world. She has a passion for kids and she loves to build on their imagination and she incorporates it into learning.  Working with children gives her a lot of satisfaction as each day is different and surprising. Dorota Jaros graduated from the University of Gdańsk with Masters degree in English and Postgraduate studies in Early Years Education.


aleksandra włodarczyk


Aleksandra is a teaching assistant in classes 3. In 2009, she studied English Philology at the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz (specialisation – translation studies). She always wanted to teach, it’s her dream and passion. Nowadays, she is studying Early Education. She’s interested in art and volleyball. On top of that, Aleksandra is leading the “Mural Club” at BISG which gives her lot of joy.




Aleksandra was born in Kołobrzeg. She knew from the early age that she wanted to be a teacher. Therefore, during high school she volunteered at a local primary school where she was helping children with their homework. After graduation, Aleksandra moved to Gdańsk to pursue her dreams. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Polish Philology and currently is continuing her studies to obtain a master’s degree. Besides teaching, Aleksandra enjoys traveling, learning new languages and exploring other cultures. She also loves literature and knitting. 


joanna antczak-sokołowska


Joanna graduated from MBA studies at the Polish Philology Department of Wrocław University, MBA studies at the Pope’s Theological Department in Wrocław, and Postgraduate Neurological and Speech Therapy Studies at University of Gdańsk. During that time, she continued her education in Poland and abroad in the fields of Polish language, communication, non-violent mediation, speech and thought development methods, behavioural therapy for autistic children, and speech therapy. Ms Joanna has a rich professional experience as a teacher. Currently, she is working as a Polish teacher in a primary school and as a speech therapist. She has also worked in high schools, and as an OKE examiner in Gdańsk. She co-creates and runs workshops for teachers in the areas of teaching individualisation, working with difficult students, learning techniques and styles, working with special needs students. She also runs workshops and supervises tutors. Moreover, she participated in numerous courses in communication, pedagogy and education organisation.




Sebastian Molcan was born in Kołobrzeg in 1993. After graduating from high school, he moved to Gdańsk to study mathematics at the University of Gdansk.  Becoming a teacher was his lifelong dream and he is delighted to be working at BISG next year as a maths assistant. He has worked with children from all age groups and in addition he also prepared more advanced students to take part in various maths competitions. His biggest hobby is playing basketball. Along with his team, he competes in a local amateur league. He also enjoys taking trips on his motorcycle, watching movies and reading books. His all-time favorite series is Star Wars.




Neil grew up in North-East London, attending the same school as David Beckham and Harry Kane (though not at the same time). He loves literature and has a particularly soft spot for classical Russian literature. He spent one out of the four years of his BA Hons course living and studying in Russia, which was a unique and life changing experience. He came back to the University of Essex for the final year and graduated in 2002. Little did he know at the time that years later, his life in Russia would inspire him to embark on an international adventure in 2009. After working for six rewarding years in Social and Housing Services at the London Borough of Hackney, he decided to requalify and start his teaching career. After three successful years in Odessa, Ukraine, he moved to Warsaw in 2012. In addition to the BA Hons, he also holds a PGCEi from Nottingham University and CELTA qualification. For the last five years he has been teaching English Language and Literature to Years 7-11 at an international school in Warsaw, but has prior experience teaching students from the ages of 6-60. His pastimes include reading, watching baseball and both playing and watching football. He is an avid fan of Tottenham Hotspur and tries to see them whenever he visits his family in London. He doesn't cook often but when he does, he makes a mean mushroom risotto.

Piotr D..jpg



Piotr Deruś was born in Biłgoraj, Poland. He moved to Toronto Canada with his parents in the 1990’s. He studied Physics and Astronomy at York University in Canada, and Adolescent Education at D’Youville College in New York. He is certified as a teacher by the Ontario College of Teachers. He has worked in schools around the world from Canada, to the Middle East, and now back home in Poland. He has taught all age groups from Year 7 to Year 13. His last position was at The British School in Warsaw, NordAnglia’s flagship school. Piotr enjoys working out at the gym, cycling, and classical and Polish folk music. He also loves listening to debates and talks on contemporary and classic issues. He is passionate about using live streaming for educational purposes.




Zbigniew Jacynowicz graduated from BA studies at the Department of English Philology at the Foreign Language Teachers' College in Gdańsk and MA studies at the Faculty of Philology and History at the University of Gdańsk. He worked as a History and English teacher at a primary school and a junior high school. He is a substantive editor with over 7 years of experience in creation of multimedia content for e-learning projects that meet the needs of customers of education, which is a very demanding business. He has worked on over 100 projects for clients from both Poland and abroad. He also worked for Young Digital Planet, the publisher of e-learning materials. Additionally, Mr. Zbigniew is the owner of the mPlaneta RC company, which deals with sales and service of remotely controlled models.


zofia plucińska


Zofia Plucińska graduated from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, finishing the Faculty of Fine Arts. She finds art to be the most fascinating record of human dreams, being the “signum temporis", a reflection of its own era, yet carrying a universal message, above all – beautiful. She is a painter but also continues to study art theory - its historical and cultural background, being happy to be able to share her enthusiasm and knowledge. She has taught both adults and children, always discovering that teaching is the best way to learn. “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up” (P. Picasso).
As a guide around the Tricity, she wishes to publicise knowledge about the cities and their exceptional history. In her free time, she enjoys spending time away from the city, constantly exploring our unique and varied region, from time to time choosing more distant destinations.


tomasz garstkowiak


Tomasz Garstkowiak holds a Master's Degree in Polish Philology from the University of Gdańsk. He has been working with children and teenagers since 2005. Apart from teaching Polish, he also deals with film education. He organises cultural and educational events and runs workshops for children. He has cooperated with many cultural institutions in Tri-city and in Poland. Since 2005, he has been running a Film Discussion Club in Sopot. He is also engaged in music creation for children. He was awarded a scholarship of the Marshal of Pomeranian Province (2011) and the President of Sopot (2013).


michał sobisz


Michal was born and raised in Lębork. He studied History and Polish Philology at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. During his education, Michał undertook CMAS course and devoted his time to discover the mystery that hides underwater. After graduation he moved out to United Kingdom, where he developed his English skills and spent exciting time in the multicultural environment. Michał loves swimming, travels, fantasy books, board and computer games.




John was born in Huddersfield, a large town in the North of England. He studied at Leeds Metropolitan University and Anglia Ruskin University where he completed a B.Sc. (Hons) in Information Systems. After working in the IT field for a year and realising it wasn’t for him, he retrained as a primary school teacher at the University of Bradford. Following this, he worked in a Catholic primary school for eighteen years, ten of which as a deputy head. After taking a year out from leadership to care for a poorly parent, he returned to teaching and senior leadership in an outstanding Leeds primary school. He has been employed as a Year 5 teacher and maths lead. As well as a passion for maths, John has a flair for creative writing which he channelled into setting up his own online business creating high-quality teaching resources enabling schools and teachers to deliver dynamic, inspiring writing in their classrooms. John lives in Gdansk with his wife and three children. He has a multitude of interests from playing football and regularly cycling to acting and directing theatre to playing the piano, as well as achieving an MA in film studies, a subject for which he has had a life-long passion.


ilona warpas-Świderska


Ilona graduated from the University of Gdańsk with a master's degree in Polish Philology. She has also completed the postgraduate studies in Applied Behavior Analysis at the SWPS University in Sopot. Ilona worked in an elementary school for five years, helping children with dyslexia. She also has experience in working with children with autism spectrum disorder. She completed an internship in Center for Diagnosis and Therapy for Developmental Disorders in Gdańsk. In her spare time, Ilona reads books or writes articles about nineteenth-century women's literature. She enjoys running too. Her new passion is calligraphy.




Grażyna has been a teacher for many years. She did her B.A. degree in Preschool and Early School Education. She graduated in Early School Education from the University of Białystok, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology. Working with children is one of her passions. The other one is travelling. During summer she works at camps for children and youth. She is a grandmother of Oliwia, who is a great figure skater.


eliza barecka


Eliza was born in Olsztyn and studied at Gdansk University of Technology, where she graduated in Biotechnology (Masters). She studied a postgraduate degree in Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Gdansk. She then went onto study a postgraduate Professional Teaching Qualification in Gdansk. She moved to the United Kingdom in 2007 where she has worked in secondary schools as a teacher of Mathematics. She is an experienced, enthusiastic and focused teacher. Eliza is passionate about Maths and giving young people the best possible education in life. She promotes a deeper understanding of Mathematics concepts and develops projects such as “Sierpinski project”, “NASA – exploring space through Math” or “Big Bang STEM fair”. Her time in school has developed her philosophy of perceiving and valuing each student as an individual, as well as part of a community. Eliza strongly believes that raising and educating young minds does not only happen at home, but it is a continuous process from one establishment onto another. Outside of class, Eliza likes to spend quality time with her family on days out, especially hiking in fresh air. Also, she likes painting and reading fantasy books. 




Lindsay is from Cambridge, UK. She studied dance and performing arts at Bodywork Company Cambridge, where she learnt dance disciplines of ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, and musical theatre. Lindsay moved to Sopot, Poland in 2008, where she continued to dance with the Opera Bałtycka ballet company, alongside teaching jazz dance at Dance Vision, Gdańsk. She decided to extend her dance studies and take advantage of a long distance, work based learning BA degree program from Middlesex university, London. She also started teaching English as a foreign language and completed the TEFL English diploma course, London. Over the past 10 years, Lindsay has been teaching English to all ages (3-70yrs) using active lessons of dance, fitness and classroom games/activities/conversation. Lindsay worked for 5 years at the American primary school Gdynia, teaching English conversation and dance. She has taken several groups of students abroad to experience her hometown for summer and winter holiday activities, plus hosted guest teachers from the UK here for dance workshops in and around the Tricity, Poland. Lindsay loves teaching dance and the English language; providing students with solid, transferrable lifelong skills. Lindsay lives in Sopot with her 2 sons. They enjoy spending time together doing anything active (skimboarding, snowboarding, cycling, trampolining and swimming to name a few!) She is passionate about jazz dance history, choreography, music, and film. 


magda lautenbach


Magda graduated from the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk with a master's degree in Physical Education.  She is also a swimming instructor. In her free time, she reads books, mostly fantasy. Her favorite writer is Andrzej Sapkowski. Magda is a great fan of active recreation. She likes swimming, cycling and riding on roller-skating. She is also a kendo player. Her biggest dream is to visit and explore Japan.  




Anna graduated from the Physical Education and Sport Academy in Gdańsk with master's degree in Physical Education. She also graduated from the University of Gdańsk with M.A. in English Philology. She is a swimming instructor and coach. She is truly passionate about teaching children. Before joining the British International School Gdańsk she worked as a swimming instructor and a lifeguard. In her spare time, Anna enjoys swimming, walking her dogs as well as dancing in the Folk Dance Ensemble „Neptun” from AWFiS. She is also a former competitive figure skater, long distance runner and sailor.




Dagmara graduated in Biology from the University of Gdańsk. Before she started working at BISG, she conducted many scientific or artistic classes and workshops for all age groups. She was a co-host and co-organizer of teaching activities at the University for many years. Dagmara started work in BISG as science teacher. Her free time she devotes to couple of activity as reading books, music, painting, video games or board games. She tries to enjoy every single little thing in life.




Karolina graduated in Geography at the University of Gdańsk (MS) and English Teaching (BA) also at the University of Gdańsk. After graduating, she specialised in bilingual geography teaching while working in one of the IBO schools in Tricity. She is a certified examiner of national external exams (CKE) in Poland. Since 2018, she has been qualified to teach one more IBO subject – Enviromental Systems and Societies. Karolina loves showing kids that geography is everything around us and that without geography we would be nowhere! She is interested in the issue of sustainability especially sustainable urban environments. Her hobbies are cycling through Kashubian Lake District, gardening and hiking in the mountains. Karolina is also passionate about travelling, she can spend hours planning, preparing and then showing her kids the beauty of the World.




Ula was born and raised in Zamość. She graduated from Psychology with specialization in Neurobiopsychology at the University of Gdańsk. Currently, Ula is studying special education and speech therapy in postgraduate studies. She worked as a shadow therapist for children with autism spectrum disorders, sensory integration disorders and children with specific problems in writing and reading. Ula also conducts hand therapy and the Veronica Sherbone Development Movement classes. She spends her free time dancing zumba and creating her own therapeutic aids.




Patrycja graduated from University of Gdańsk (Early Education with English) and she is currently doing master's degree in Special Education Needs. She is a supporting teacher at BISG and this position makes her happy since helping people is a very important part of her life. Patrycja is interested in art, photography, psychology and literature. She loves travelling, watching smart movies and listening to music. She is glad to be in the BISG team, which she finds extremely positive and creative.


Magdalena Zawadzka


Ms Magdalena graduated from MBA studies in Artistic Education in the field of Musical Arts at the Academy of Music in Gdańsk. She has a degree in two specialisations - music education with English and cultural animation with elements of art therapy. During her studies she often actively participated in international conferences for teachers and students of musical education. For four years she has been a member of the 441Hz Chamber Choir, which has achieved success at international festivals, such as Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod or Slovakia Cantat, as well as a published album (Song of The North). One of their latest successes was the collaboration Bobby McFerrin. For the last four years she has been a music rhythmics teacher. Her achievements include voice emission workshops, as well as creating plays, word and music performances and concerts with her students.




Anna started working in British International School Gdańsk in 2011. At first, she worked as a science teacher. Anna graduated from the Gdańsk University with a Master's degree in ecophysiology of animals. Since 2017, she has been a school psychologist. Anna graduated from the Gdańsk University of Psychology with a master's degree in clinical psychology.  She is also trained as a family therapist, she completed the full trainig of Kids Skills programme, which is dedicated to children. Travelling and reading books is her biggest passion that's why she decided to make her dream come true and, with her best friend, she runs a very small "Bookarnik", that provides therapeutic books for children.



Jędrzej Jednacz


Jędrzej is returning to Poland after a few years of living and working in Germany. He is a German teacher as well as a History teacher and will also be helping Mr Michał and Mr Zbigniew in the History Department. Mr Jędrzej graduated from the Philology and History Department of Gdańsk University, where he obtained his master degree, as well as from Polish Naval Academy of the Heroes of Westerplatte. He learnt German during his five-year stay in the capital of Germany, where he also had an internship in Polnischer Sozialrat e.V. as an adviser. He has multiple certificates confirming his fluency in German. He gained teaching experience in one of the high schools in Gdynia, he also collaborated with the National Museum of Gdańsk and the Naval Museum. His interests are German history and Pomeranian history. He has published articles in ‘Pomerania’ and ‘Sea, ships and vessels’ monthly journals.




Alberto Bustos was born in the beautiful city of La Coruña in northwest Spain. He studied artistic photography and design in Pablo Picasso’s School of Art in La Coruña. He also graduated in Primary School Teaching with the specialisation in Music at Santiago de Compostela University, Then, he came to Gdańsk for Erasmus where he studied at the Faculty of Pedagogy at the University of Gdańsk for a year. In 2011, Alberto took part in the EVS (European Volunteer Service) in Varna, Bulgaria. During a year he was there, he worked in an orphanage and took part in presentations about volunteering in high schools, as well as participated in eco-festivals in Varna and the Bulgarian mountains. In 2012, Alberto came back to Gdańsk to participate in  Euro Football Championship as a volunteer. He was working in the Spanish Academy as a teacher until June 2018. As of now, from 2017, he is also a Spanish teacher at Ateneum Szkoła Wyższa in the Department of Philology. He loves traveling and going to concerts and festivals during the summer, especially rock ones.


paulina bobrowicz - tempińska


Paulina began her adventure with the French language in the French-speaking part of Africa, where she spent her childhood. In later years, she graduated from the faculty of Romance Philology at the University of Gdańsk, with a teaching specialisation. She also finished post-graduate studies in Early School and Pre-School Education in Warsaw and numerous courses and trainings in France for teachers of French as a foreign language in multinational groups. Paulina is also a sworn translator of French. She is closely tied to France, where she tries to be at least once a year, constantly training to keep up to date with educational news. Privately, Paulina is a mother of a 10-year-old Paweł, loves to read, exercise and watch detective stories.




Paweł is a chess teacher. He started playing chess when he was 6 years old and from that point it became his main activity. He won the chess championship of Gdańsk with his school five times and he came 3rd in Gdańsk as individual in the Open International Championship of Gdańsk. To this day, he is still an active player and tries to achieve national master title. Besides chess, Paweł was also playing basketball in high school and American football during collage time. Nowadays, it is gym that helps him stay in good shape. 




Alicja comes from Podlasie and has been living in Gdańsk for 15 years. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdańsk. After graduation, she worked mainly in non-governmental organizations because she likes to combine work with helping others. In the meantime, due to her interest in matters of faith and spirituality, she graduated in theology in Gdynia. She has always loved children, which is why two years ago she decided to change her professional direction and become a religion teacher. To this end, she also completed pedagogical studies in Gdańsk. Alicja has been working at BISG since 2018. He likes to spend time actively, especially cycling and swimming, as well as hanging out with friends and reading books.




Vongai is from Zimbabwe and has been living in Poland for 10 years. She studied Business Entrepreneurship. She is a proud mum of three. Her kids are all in BISG which she joined in 2016. Vongai enjoys cooking and travelling in her spare time.




Tatenda has great interest in reading, particularly prose and poetry. She has just come to Poland and is appreciating the rich diversity of cultures embraced in the community around her. She is an experienced administrator. She worked in this position for over 8 years. First at Old Mutual and then at Nyaradzo Life Inssurance. She took an enormous pleasure in it. Tatenda is now completing Management and Economic Science qualification with UNISA.


adrianna goworowska

Adrianna Goworowska graduated from the Gdańsk Autonomous High School with a distinction, she studied Painting at the Gdańsk Academy of Art and Archeology at the University of Gdańsk. Now, she is studying Early Education in the Institute of Education at the University of Gdańsk. She developed her experience with children and youth as a Świetlica teacher working for BISG for two years. Now, she works as an assistant in class 3AA and 3KA. She’s been working as a cruise organizer and sailing instructor with teenagers aged 13 to 17, gaining a lot of work ethic from this experience. Adrianna loves travelling, as well as read historical and scientific books.