This section presents opinions about BISG expressed by Parents who have been our clients for several years. They represent different nationalities and are in different situations to help you make conscious decision about enrolling your child into our school.



We are a happy Polish family of three and we love to travel. Our daughter Kasia (currently grade 1/year 2 student) has started her education at BISG in the Reception Group.

At the beginning, before our daughter started Reception, we were worried if she would manage in the new situation. She did not speak English and she did not know any children from the school yet. We were very pleased with the way the whole staff and other parents helped us. After just few months Kasia could speak some English and just after a year she could express herself in this language without any problems. It was incredible!

We are a Polish family without plans to live abroad nevertheless we feel that the possibility of learning in bilingual school is priceless. Another advantage about BISG is an opportunity to raise a child in a very friendly and multicultural environment which is not that common in Polish schools.

I strongly recommend BISG to every family, both international and local. The level of education is very high. The amount of extra activities that the kids can participate in is well balanced between sport clubs like Tennis, Football or Swimming and others like Odyssey of the Mind, Drama, Piano or Cooking Club. Also, we feel that the communication between the school and the parents is very good.