Timothy, Sophie and Dominika, winners of The English Subject Competition

We are extremely proud to announce that our Class 6 student, Timothy Melentyev, has been awarded the title of a laureate in the The English Subject Competition organised by the  Pomeranian Board of Education.

What is more, in the same competition, Sophie Park from Class 5 and Dominika Bukcle from Class 7 became finalists.

We would like to congratulate these 3 students and their parents for this outstanding achievement.

We hope there's more to come!

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Antek, Patryk and Wiktoria in the Odyssey of the Mind

We are very proud to inform you that Wiktoria Piask and Patryk Urbanowicz from Grade 4 and Antoni Pielak from Grade 5 of our school together with 3 friends from different schools created a group (within Prosta Kreska art school) and took part in the Odyssey of the Mind competition.

The regional competition took place on March 11th. In their category (category I - students up to grade 5), there were 18 groups and they came in 10th. They tackled Problem no. 5: A Place from another Planet.

It took a lot of work and creativity for the kids to take part in this amazing competition and we wanted to share this information with you, as well as congratulate them and their parents on achieving this great result!

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Charity Drive Finale

Thank you to all the parents, students and other contributors who chipped in for the good cause. Thanks to you we can make the lives of our two families a little bit brighter.

Altogether, we raised more than 30 thousand zloty and the principal lost a hair or two! And it's all you. We are extremly grateful and we hope we will continue this humbling journey by doing more amazing drives together!

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Movember finale is right around the corner!

Next week is going to be all Movember - from start to finish!

Monday - November 24 - marks the beginning of our Movember charity sale! All the moustache-oriented souvenirs you will be able to get in the school's office. Please remember that we accpet only cash.

All the proceeds will go to one of the Tricity families who happens to be in a very diffucult situation both financially and housing-wise. With your help, there is an enormous chance we can realistically improve their living conditions.

We finish the week off with a bake sale. Children can bring their self-baked sweets and the money they earn from it will also be donated to the cause.

Moreover, Friday - December 1 - will be a non-uniform day! You can come to school dressed whatever you like as long as you stick to the Movember theme.

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We are glad to let you know that 11 students have made it to the Regional round of the English Subject Competition. These students are:

1. Dominika Buckle
2. Sebastian Grisdale
3. Ivan Godunov
4. Ryu Han
5. Małgorzata Hoare
6. Timothy Melentyev
7. Sophie Park
8. Wiktoria Piask
9. Lula Reilly
10. Olga Rochowczyk
11. August von Seth

The next round will take place on November 30th at 2 pm in Gimnazjum nr 26 in Gdańsku - Traugutta 92.

Congratulations and good luck!

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Time flies and so November has come! What does it mean for us? It means as every year we start the Movember campaign to help raise awareness of men's mental and physical state. To show your alliance with the movement you just have to shave your facial hair and keep your face smooth and clean for the rest of Movember, ekhm, I mean, November. Yes, it's that easy!

To find out more about Movember, please visit Movember Foundation website at https://www.movember.com/ or at http://www.movember.org.pl/ .

Moreover, you will be able to chip in to our little fundraiser later this month. Stay tuned for more information!

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(from right) Mr. Kevin Reilly, Mr. Robert Hoare and our Principal Robert Grisdale show their freshly shaved beards.

(from right) Mr. Kevin Reilly, Mr. Robert Hoare and our Principal Robert Grisdale show their freshly shaved beards.