Antek, Patryk and Wiktoria in the Odyssey of the Mind

We are very proud to inform you that Wiktoria Piask and Patryk Urbanowicz from Grade 4 and Antoni Pielak from Grade 5 of our school together with 3 friends from different schools created a group (within Prosta Kreska art school) and took part in the Odyssey of the Mind competition.

The regional competition took place on March 11th. In their category (category I - students up to grade 5), there were 18 groups and they came in 10th. They tackled Problem no. 5: A Place from another Planet.

It took a lot of work and creativity for the kids to take part in this amazing competition and we wanted to share this information with you, as well as congratulate them and their parents on achieving this great result!

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