Movember finale is right around the corner!

Next week is going to be all Movember - from start to finish!

Monday - November 24 - marks the beginning of our Movember charity sale! All the moustache-oriented souvenirs you will be able to get in the school's office. Please remember that we accpet only cash.

All the proceeds will go to one of the Tricity families who happens to be in a very diffucult situation both financially and housing-wise. With your help, there is an enormous chance we can realistically improve their living conditions.

We finish the week off with a bake sale. Children can bring their self-baked sweets and the money they earn from it will also be donated to the cause.

Moreover, Friday - December 1 - will be a non-uniform day! You can come to school dressed whatever you like as long as you stick to the Movember theme.

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