THIRD grade competence test results

We are proud to present the overall scores of children from grade 3 who this year approached the competence test with the Operon publishing house:

Polish language (points - amount of students obtaining the score)

19 - 1 14 - 2

18 - 3 13 - 2

16 - 3 10 - 1

15 - 5

Maths (points - amount of students obtaining the score)

20 - 1 16 - 2

19 - 3 15 - 3

18 - 2 13 - 2

17 - 3 10 - 1

Environmental studies (points - amount of students obtaining the score)

8 - 3 4 - 1

7 - 5

6 - 6

5 - 2


Szymon and Pola with high notes in the Great Reading Marathon

We congratulate our students upon their success!

Pola from the 3rd grade for receiving the distinction in the 7th edition of the Great Polish Reading Marathon for the Youngest, "Meet New Friends", for students from the 2nd to 3rd grade of the elementary school,


Szymon from class 5 for obtaining the title of a finalist in the 10th edition of PGRM "Reading develops, reading enriches" for students of grades IV - VI of primary schools.

Another year in a row, they prove that the world of literature is pure pleasure for them and that it is definitely their cup of tea.

Congratulations also to other participants who were tirelessly absorbing novel after a novel and were systematically taking the monthly tests. We are very impressed!


Our students in the last round of the English subject competition

We are extremely proud and happy to announce that two of our class 7 students: Timothey and August have moved on to the last round of the English Subject Competition! Good luck boys!

Also, we would love to send all of our admiration to Kasia, Dominika, Sophie, Natalia and Sebastian who tackled the regional level of the competition with utmost precision and skill! Kudos to all of you.


English Subject Competition results

We are extremely proud to announce that 8 of our students managed to qualify for the regional level of the English subject competition, organised by Pomeranian Educational Board.

Below you will find the list of the children:

  1. Timothy Melentyev

  2. Sophie Park

  3. Dominika Buckle

  4. Aileen Jakobczyk

  5. Sebastian Grisdale

  6. Katarzyna Kumiszcza

  7. August von Seth

  8. Natalia Barecka

Congratulations to all of you! We see each other for the Regionals - January 16th.

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Ms. Ula nominated for a Copacetic Teacher AWARD

Our beloved teacher Urszula Demczuk has been nominated in the “Copacetic Teacher” plebiscite organised by Dziennik Bałtycki.

If we all get together and vote we could help Ms. Ula win the main award and show her how much we care for her!

You can support Ms. Ula by texting NGP.74 to 72355. Cost: 2,46 zł (incl. VAT)

More info you will find here:

Thank you so much! This means a lot.

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