Baby Group

Every Monday at 3.20 p.m. we run BABY GROUP.  These are special classes for children age 0-2,5 and their carers.  During each meeting which lasts 40 minutes we sing, read books, play and chat in English.  Baby Group is free of charge and open to external clients.

Extracurricular classes

Our academic curriculum is supported by a wide-range of extracurricular activities available to our students. BISG offers clubs for both Pre-School and School e.g.:

  • Ballet
  • Modern/Hip Hop Dance
  • Chess Club
  • Hairdresser Club
  • Ocarina Club
  • Mural Club
  • Sports Club (Football, Tennis, Judo, Swimming)
  • Lego and Lego Logic Club
  • Art Club
  • Reading and Library Club
  • Speed Cubing Club
  • Polish Club
  • Film Club
  • Bridge Club
  • Design and Technology
  • Creative Programming
  • Business Club
  • ScienceLab
  • German Culture Club

Special days at BISG

Each year special days are planned to enrich our curriculum and tighten ties of friendship in our community.
These include:

  • Initiation Ceremony
  • International Week
  • Christmas Fair
  • Talent Show
  • Weekly School Assemblies
  • Book Week
  • Whole School Play
  • Subject Days with particular workshops and challenges for pupils
  • Chinese New Year
  • Summer Concert
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • End of School Barbecue


Throughout the year all children go on a variety of trips which enhance the curriculum.
These can be whole school trips or class specific trips. On average they occur about once a month.

During the 2016/2017 school year our students have been to numerous interesting places:

  • London (one-week trip)
  • Agricultural farm in Kiełpino
  • Castle of the Teutonic Order in Gniew
  • Energa's stadium in Gdańsk
  • Elves' Factory at AmberExpo
  • Ceramic Musuem in Chmielno
  • Adventure Park in Gdańsk
  • Tipi Garden in Gdynia
  • Line Park in Gdańsk
  • Arcaded house and agricultural farm in Żelichowo
  • Ski slope in Wieżyca
  • Museum and science centres:
    European Solidarity Centre, Hewelianum, Experyment, Aquarium in Gdynia, Lego Exhibition
  • Wybrzeże Theatre, The Polish Baltic Philharmonic, Miniatura Theatre,
  • Cinema

To see photos taken during the trips, please visit our Facebook page.



This school year our school again participates in the European Union programme called „Fruit and vegetables at school”. This is meant for students in classes 0-3 who receive fresh fruit, vegetables and juices for free. There are also special lessons, trips and visits organised which support this programme and teach children healthy eating habits.